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We are a digital studio that specialize in building systems with purpose.

Our aim is to create designs that are simple and intentional - creatively organized and exceptionally versatile. We work with a variety of clients ranging from small startups to large corporations. Our design philosophy is centered around simplicity with a dedication to user experience and accessibility

Stewart Pressney

Founder and President

Stewart Pressney is a seasoned designer and web developer with years of experience in product and web design.

Harlen Malcovich

Director of Content and Strategy

Harlen Malcovich is an experienced campaign developer who is responsible for bringing our campaigns to life. 

Our Services

Our studio offers product design, user interface design, prototyping, and design consultation and web development


- Toptal
- Clorox Group
- Altium Ltd.
- Upverter


- iTherapy Docs
- Reliq Health
- Emily Carr University
- Scope Media inc.


- Kindness Speaks
- Zone'In
- Umbrella IT 
- Tribe

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