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Pivoting web strategy towards compelling educational content that encourages home chefs to fuel their fires with Kingsford.

Working with a multifaceted team of developers, photographers, content strategists and designers, I helped to audit the companies existing wordpress website, position and target key personas and developed a strategy that focused on configurability and educational as cornerstone principles for our design decisions. was able to launch with a new Sitemap and Content Strategy that made best use of years of legacy content, but created the opportunity to thrive as thought leaders in Grilling.




UX Design

1y 6m



Our focus on recipes and tutorials allowed for a 'Cornerstone Content Strategy' where high quality video and recipe content can be developed for use on the website, but can be repurposed for inbound campaigns across social media. 

Creating a set of reusable and configurable content blocks allows Kingsford to develop and launch new pages in record time to support ongoing campaigns across the company. 

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