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Monitoring COPD, Hypertension and Diabetes in remote patient populations with iUGO Health by Reliq Health Technologies

COPD, Hypertension and Diabetes afflict roughly 1.66 billion people across the globe, often occurring together in the most at risk patient populations. iUGO by Reliq Health Technologies gives care teams tools to effectively manage these conditions with telemedicine. Physicians can easily onboard patient populations to the platform and receive daily biometrics for blood sugar, blood oxygen and blood pressure, with integrations to industry standard devices. When certain thresholds are passed, the platform will intervene by notifying family or even scheduling a wellness visit by an in home care nurse.




Product Design, Prototyping




As UX lead during initial product development, I worked closely with our clinical advisors to ensure our forms and user flows matched existing clinical practices while creating opportunities to improve patient outcomes.  

iUGO is helping patients across the US and Canada, working seamlessly with Medicaid and Provincial Health Authorities, the platform provides care teams  with daily biometrics and insights that were missed with less frequent checkups


iUGO gives patients the piece of mind that their care team is always checking in, no matter how remote they may be.


Conversations keeping patients connected and cared for. 

iUGO keeps caregivers in the loop with consistent communication between healthcare technicians, physicians, in-home caregivers and family to ensure diagnostic developments were tracked and addressed.

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