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Design custom computers that utilize popular Raspberry Pi and Arduino components to create IoT Devices.

Altium ltd. the global leader in PCB design software needed to rebrand and relaunch a newly acquired software product under one of their existing brands, Upverter. The tool, formerly known as Geppetto, allows users to build custom printed circuit boards via a web based drag and drop interface. Optimized to work with popular COM modules from Raspberry Pi and Arduino, Upverter allows makers to easily create custom edge computing devices for use in STEM, industrial applications and robotics.


Product Design, Prototyping, Web Development






We used journey mapping and wireframing to outline how the existing Upverter electronics CAD environment would connect with the modular design functionality of 'Geppetto'.

A lightweight landing page was created using Webflow to launch the new modular design features as well as media for banner ads.

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